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Video Explains How To Compare Critical Illness Insurance Policies

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

To educate American consumers about critical illness insurance protection a relatively new form of insurance, the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance launched a new educational program.

Citical illness insurance has only recently become available in the United States, ecplains Jesse Slome, executive director of the Los Angeles-based trade group.  The protection pays a lump sum cash payment upon diagnosis of cancer, a heart attack or stroke. 

“There were 1.5 million new cancer cases in the U.S. over the past 12 months,” Slome explains.  “Illnesses are the leading reason millions of Americans have declared bankruptcy which doesn’t have to happen if you understand your options and plan ahead.”

The Association has produced a nine minute online presentation that briefly explains what critical illness insurance protects and provides tips on what to look for in a policy.  “Consumers have no idea how to compare coverage offered to them on an individual basis or through their employer,” Slome notes.  “We wanted to share five very simple things to look for that will help them make better decisions.”

For example Slome explains, critical illness insurance offered by an employer may actually cost more than equal protection purchased on an individual basis.  “There is no reason to pay more than you need to,” Slome advises. 

The presentation can be viewed for free at